I am very impressed with his credentials and his knowledge base. He was quickly on top of the issues I am dealing with. He exceeded my expectations.


He helped me tremendously! The first session was my first therapy session and I am very happy I called him. I made another appointment for next week.

Rebecca O.

Dr Jaffe is amazing…! We had to reschedule our visit due to weather and a WiFi issue, but he was quick to make the switch. He has an approach that is different from most couples counseling, which I value and appreciate. Highly recommend to anyone experiencing relationship issues.

Diana Y.

Dr. Jaffe is wonderful. He is very easy to talk with, and I get the sense that he deeply understands the points I was trying to covey to him. Although this was my first appointment with him, he made me feel very comfortable talking. He is very human and a good listener. I look forward to further sessions with Dr. Jaffe and feel as though he will be able to help me.


Very smart, warm, kind, toughminded but gentle. Really helped me! I’ve seen many therapists and he has been more helpful by a mile! My life is better for knowing him.


Dr. Jaffe is a great custody evaluator and the brightest by far. He can make difficult recommendations when others are afraid to do so. His staff are professional and courteous and it is a pleasure to work with them. Highly recommended!


Dr. Jaffe came highly recommended by someone I respect greatly. His knowledge, approach and professionalism is exemplary. He can unpack problem & provide practical insight with a deeply personal style. I highly recommend him!